Social media

1969 rebuilds digital strategy of Cellier des Dauphins.

For its new positioning and development on French and international market, Cellier des Dauphins has entrusted the reworking  of its digital strategy to 1969 Agency.

The first task of 1969 was to redesign Cellier des Dauphins’ website to introduce l’Union des Vignerons des Côtes du Rhône, the newest range from the company that makes a commitment to being eco-responsible. Additionally, 1969 will harmonize the SEA & SEO strategies accordingly.

In conjunction, 1969 has redesigned the social media strategy of the brand’s communication for France (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin), the US,  the UK and China. The goal had been to design an editorial guideline which merges the values of “Southern conviviality” with the commitments of producers.

Moreover, 1969 has been given charge of the year’s content creation, community management and media-planning for Cellier des Dauphins’ social networks.