Today 80% of the traffic on social networks is made up entirely of video content which goes to show the importance of this medium for companies to invest in to get their voice and brand heard. But through this multitude of video styles, formats and content, which ones work best for marketing?

Snack content: videos that are short and dynamic, it’s engaging due to the ease at which they can be ‘digested’. Usually, no longer than 30-45 seconds these short videos hold user attention just long enough and get ‘straight to the message’. As an example here’s a snack content we made to announce the 100 days to go to Rugby World Cup 2019 which was simple and direct.  Recent new creative formats like Gifs and video memes can be considered Snack content too due to their simplicity and ‘light’ content.

Issue a challenge: In recent few years one of the rising social platforms, TikTok, has soared to success due to the number of user-generated content thanks to challenges such as the #HariboChallenge, #BottleCapChallenge or the #SwagStepChallenge which was started by Pepsi India and became a viral sensation (18.7 billion view) this year with relatively little spending on the campaign.

Shoot a Timelapse: Another attractive way to create a short video is to create a timelapse – depending on the content you are promoting the scale can be adjusted to the same effect. The mesmerizing satisfaction of watching changes occur to a single frame over a short period of time allows one to put forward a number of different messages and focus. For example, one could create a stop-motion effect, a boomerang effect or on a larger scale film the set up of event space over days! (like our SG Fanzone timelapse for instance)

If your goal is to communicate with this generation’s digital netizens then definitely consider adding short videos to your communication mix.