In 2019, Hong Kong has a population of over 7.5 million people and nearly 2.3 million of these use Instagram on a daily basis making the platform the third most popular social media after Facebook and YouTube. 

Compared to the global Instagram audience trends, Hong Kong’s audience has 8% more Millenials (25-34) and Gen X (35-44) audience. Whilst Gen Z audience in Hong Kong is slightly lower than the average of globally sitting at 23% compared to the average 30%. 

Instagram is more female in Hong Kong

In terms of genders, women make up 54.4% of the population and this is also reflected on Instagram with women making up 56.7% of the total user base, which is higher than the global average of 52%, outweighing males in every age category.  

This female dominance goes against the global distribution of Instagram users where under the groups under 34 years old generally see more male users than women. 

Finally to really drive the point home on the rising importance of Hong Kong’s female demographic, when we look at the top influencers of Hong Kong 2018-2019 only 13 out of 100 were male. Moreover, according to a survey by the Julius Baer bank 71% of Hong Kong women “are financial decision-makers in their households.”

So when next conducting research on Instagram for your next Hong Kong marketing plan, take a step back from the information and trends you read and apply a mental checklist of ‘does this resonate with Hong Kong’s unique audience’. 

*Hong Kong’s mid-year population in 2019 was 7,524,100 (source)