More opportunities for brands to reach further and wider audiences

Tik Tok: one of the hottest
Asides the core platforms, new joiners are growing fast, as is the case with Tik Tok. Although the app launched in 2016, it is getting a lot of interest since 2019, and has already gathered over 1 billion installs this year, making it one of the hottest apps currently around. Loved by generation Z, Tik Tok allows users to create short videos with soundtracked music clips. 

Combine it with the meme culture embraced by its users, and we see it as a good way for brands to create positive interactions with people, through fun challenges that are unique to the platform.

While we know that video content is king for brand capture and consumer attention, (viewers are 95% more likely to remember a call to action after watching a video), Tik Tok is an option to be explored to step away from the more traditional platforms already used.

Pinterest: rising and shining
Another rising platform is Pinterest, though of course not new to the digital scene, has recently been experiencing a newfound interest from brands, especially the retail industry as the platform is at the forefront of product discovery. It is now used for far more than just wedding and decoration inspiration, or saving recipes.

With over 175 billions of ‘pins’ to scroll through, Pinterest does have a lot to offer, especially to brands targeting women as 79% of its audience are female and already accustomed to using the app to plan their life moments – a task which involves a lot of qualitative attention span and focus. Thus there lies a great opportunity for brands to have their content recognised and remembered.

Pinterest is also currently testing emoji-like reactions for video response, which shows the efforts of this app to continue to meet the expectations of a demanding social media audience. The platform now counts 290 million active users which is a number that is expected to grow.

Experimenting with new/various apps is a great way to learn about your audience and can shape the future of your digital strategy, and shouldn’t be underestimated.