Pastis 51

Digital Influence

PASTIS 51 - For each one his 51, to each one his Marseille !

#Mon51 – a web-based influence strategy created and orchestrated by 1969.

May you prefer it rosé, chill, or authentic, poured in a 51 Piscine glass or a half-pint… everyone has a weakness for Pastis. Making the most of the brands’ latest viral launch ‘À chacun son 51’, 1969 organized a special week-end – 100% marseillais. To this exclusive event 1969 specifically invited key influencers from Marseille and Paris who share the same values as the brand. During their stay guests visited les calanques de Sormiou, were initiated to new ways of consuming 51, and were invited to dine at the famous boat-restaurant Gréement Alliance.

As a result, the influencers became 51 ambassadors for the duration of a whole weekend.

+ 250 photos posted within 48h via Instagram and Twitter with #Mon51
+ 330 000 people reached within 48h via Instagram and Twitter