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Did you know that over 93% of furniture in France is recycled?

Eco-mobilier, an initiative launched by the French government, supports companies in recycling furniture in order to reach the goal of zero waste by 2030.

The challenge

Working with companies and having an institutional dialogue is not enough to reach the zero waste objective. Eco-mobilier must involve consumers to teach them the right actions! In response, they are launching a new programme called Maison du tri and are finding new ways to tell its mission.

Our answer

We created content with practical advice and influencing campaigns on reducing environmental impact, as well as a national test and lean campaign to develop a dialogue at local level.

In figures

By shifting the focus from the product to people’s daily lives, Maison du Tri’s social media content reached 7.2 million people, generated over 270,000 online interactions and increased the size of the community by 18,000 followers.