Slow Drinking

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Are you familiar with the phenomenon of binge drinking?

Binge drinking, or drinking excessively and without pleasure, is what Slow Drinking is fighting against.

Aiming to change attitudes about alcohol and in particular the social pressure to drink among young people, Slow Drinking is the moderate drinking awareness programme of the Bacardi Martini alcohol group.

The challenge

After 10 years of raising awareness, the Slow Drinking programme needs to make an even stronger mark and perpetuate its actions with a daily and lasting commitment from its target.

Our answer

Our idea? “Moderation as a daily enhancer…

Rather than repeating the same injunctions over and over to young people, Slow Drinking makes moderation the “level up” of the Gen Z lifestyle. Enjoying your evenings, improving your mental health, discovering new flavours… that’s what moderation has to offer.

  1. Creation of a chatbot on WhatsApp, Fabio, available 24/7 to help young people in their transition to moderation.
  2. Setting up participatory content: co-creations, debates, collaborations with memers, etc.

Our results

135k followers (+10% each year)

6,5% engagement rate